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4 voice search smart speaker listing submission one-time activation fee



This is the first charge followed by the final product name ‘4 voice search smart speaker listing after submission prove result final charge $99’. If you first sign up for our service, you should buy this product first. 

Payment and Refund: Please use PayPal to make a payment. You can use a credit card via PayPal. It will also refund you if you regret the service later on.

Our submission workflow explained in 5 steps?

1. You read and understand the information here, then input your billing information and make a one-time $99 activation payment by using PayPal.

2. After making a payment, you will automatically download a text format zip file name called “business information submit form”. Please check your desktop or download folder for the zip file. You need to unzip the file, then fill in the proper content in the file, and sent back to us, the sent back email is in the file. Please write your order ID number in the file so that we can identify your order immediately to process your request. Call us if you have any problems of filling out the form.



3. After we receive the above content file, we will start the submission process immediately.

4. We will email you Google and other listing login information, you will log in and make a phone call verification with Google and input the 4 digit codes to verify your business location. This step is so important, otherwise, your business information will not show on Google and any voice search enabled smart speakers. Please email us when you have done the verification process, we then can go ahead do the rest of the submission work to make sure your business information get found anywhere online and also by voice search devices. We can also schedule a phone call meeting with you to verify your business location. You can choose either way to do the verification process at your convenience.

5. If you can fill out the content in a day and finish the phone verification process in another day, the whole process will take no more than a week, we will email you when the work is done, then finally you can test your business information online from your mobile phone. Please check the Homepage bottom content section on How do you test the final voice search result? There are 4 how to test voice search result video guide too. 

What is our voice search service about?

Your business will be list on Google Map and Google Assistant, Yelp and Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Bing and Microsoft Cortana, Apple map, and Apple Siri voice search devices. After we make a successful submission, you can test your business information on Google and Google Assistant mobile app. If you can find your business information, then you will be billed a final payment of $99 separately, so the total payment is $198. If you don’t want to pay the final bill, we will have no choice and delete your information everywhere online immediately. Therefore it will make your customers a lot harder finding your business online both on Google and its voice search devices.

After making a payment, you will download a zip file called ‘business information submit form.txt’. There is a sent back email address in the file, please fill the form accordingly with your business information and sent back to us, so that we can start the submission process immediately.

All 4 business listings need phone call verification by using your real business phone number, we will call you to set up the verification process after you make the one-time activation payment, you will need to pick up the phone and write down the 4 digit code they gave you over the phone or input the 4 digit code during the phone call process. This is so important to verify your business location to Google and Yelp, fail to do so will result in your business not found anywhere online and on any voice search devices.


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